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      Taisheng Company
      Contact Us
      Qingdao Tai Sheng Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.
      Tel:+86 532 82560807
      Fax:+86 532 82560809
      E-mail: ts@twtrhzc.com
      Address: Address: Ben Xi Road9-4-402, Qingdao, Shandong, China.
      Taisheng Company

      Qingdao Taisheng Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. is a branch of the Taisheng

      Group. It is mainly responsible for the production and sale of TRH

      brand bearing, OEM production, etc. With the vigorous

      development of our enterprise, we have a large inventory and are ready to provide pre-sale and after-sale technical services.

      Over the years, we have helped our customers to create values by our

      integral, fast and efficient services.

      The scientific management methods and spirit of enterprise: "loyalty dedicationinnovation and excellence" have made us to establish a good business reputation among the international customers.

      Our highly intelligent and experienced professional team sincerely provide customers with perfect products and services.

      Copyright 2012 Qingdao Tai Sheng Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. All rights Reserved.
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      AddAddress: Ben Xi Road9-4-402, Qingdao, Shandong, China. Tel+86 532 82560807 Fax+86 532 82560809 E-mailts@twtrhzc.com
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