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      Basic information about assembling and disassembling the bearings
      Basic information about assembling and disassembling the bearings
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      Clean the bearings and the related matching parts with kerosene or gasoline;

      Check whether the bearing ready to use is the original type, and whether the sizes of the parts are eligible;

      Press the bearing with special assembly tool sleeve, and the diameter of the tool sleeve shall not exceed the outside diameter of the bearing ribs. The force should be uniform when assembling, and do not shock and assemble brutally;

      After the installation, turn the bearings and related components, to see if there is a jammed phenomenon or an abnormal noise; 

      Inject the specified grease and lubricants according to the request of the host components;

      When assembling the large bearings as well as the products that the space between the bearing and the shaft, or between the bores is larger product, the oil bath heating should be done to the bearings, and the oil temperature is at 80 degrees Celsius;

      When disassembling the bearings, you must use the dedicated drawing tools. Strictly forbidden to beat the bearings directly with an iron;

      When assembling and disassembling the bearings, avoid the stress and deformation of the rolling elements and the cages.


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