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      Reasons for bearing damage
      Reasons for bearing damage
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      The bearings belong to the precision parts, and thus the use of the bearings requires a quite cautious attitude. Even using high-performance bearings, without the proper use, we can not achieve the expected performance, and it will be easy to damage the bearings. Therefore, in the use of the bearings, we should note the following matters:
      1. Maintain the cleanliness of the bearing and its surroundings

      Even the tiny invisible dust entering the bearing will increase the wear, the vibration and the noise of the bearing.

      2. Be carefully when assembling and using

      Do not punch with strong force; do not beat the bearing with a hammer directly; do not transmit the pressure through the rolling.
      3. Use the appropriate and accurate installation tools

      Try to use the special tools, and try to avoid using the cloth, the staple fiber and the like.
      4. Prevent the rust of the bearing 

      When picking up the bearing with hand directly, the sweat of the hands should be fully washed away, and before the operation, coat with high quality mineral oil.  In the rainy season and summer, pay particular attention to the anti-rust.


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